An aerospace engineer by training, I am a public librarian, teaching and developing adult computer classes and providing general assistance with computers and other technology to customers at the Norman, Oklahoma Public Library. My focus is on providing superb customer service regardless of the level of the customer’s knowledge.

I am also one of the authors of PSU-WOPWOP, a code for predicting helicopter noise, and have worked with researchers at Bell Helicopter, the Boeing Company, NASA, and other companies providing PSU-WOPWOP technical support. For more information contact I am available for both PSU-WOPWOP support (data conversion, run assistance, etc.) as well as general aerospace software development.

My Ph.D. research at Penn State, advised by Dr. Kenneth Brentner, focused on the prediction of the rotor noise from helicopters through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) predictions of the airflow around the helicopter. I developed a new computer program, the Immersed Boundary Solver for Environment Noise (IBSEN), to calculate the airflow in a way that reduces the complexity of the user inputs, but still preserves the complicated interactions needed to predict the noise. This research was funded by the U.S. Army under the Vertical Lift Research Centers of Excellence (VLRCOE) program. My Master’s research at Penn State (also advised by Ken Brentner) focused on modifications to Farassat’s Formulation 1A of the Ffowcs Williams-Hawkings equation to account for acoustic data surface deformation, and as an undergraduate at Iowa State University I worked for Dr. R. Ganesh Rajagopalan developing grid generation and flow visualization tools for the Rot3D computational fluid dynamics package.

Finally, I am the Director of Operations for the all-volunteer not-for-profit Society for Culinary Arts & Letters, operators of the eGullet Forums at In this volunteer position I am responsible for ensuring the day-to-day operation of the forums, including managing a staff of five to ten other volunteers who are responsible for moderating the forums. This primarily entails settling disputes between the volunteers and our members, adjusting the Member Agreement for technological progress and general societal and membership changes, and working with the Executive Director and the rest of the Board of Directors (on which I serve as Treasurer) to set the future direction of the Society.

Aerospace Engineering Consultant

Computer Trainer at Norman Public Library

Director of Operations, Society for Culinary Arts & Letters

Adult computer education

Personal technology assistance

PSU-WOPWOP technical support

Rotorcraft noise analysis

Computational fluid dynamics

Aerospace software engineering